Ken-Ton Garden Tour

  • July 2122
    8:30pm – 11pm
  • July 2223
    10am – 4pm
  • 11237 Tonawanda St.

    One of the best kept secrets in "Old Town" - visit this cottage-style garden featuring annuals, perennials, ponds, fountains - illumination at night is spectacular!!

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 2361 Washington Ave.

    Welcome to our cozy cat-themed garden with front, side, and back gardens with a small pond, hundreds of perennials, annuals, hanging baskets, containers, decorations, and lights. Stop by for a visit and some treats.

    Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 3275 Tremont Ave.

    This front garden is full of lush, colorful perennials and the fragrance is divine.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 4174 Ferndale Ave.

    Don’t miss this beautiful border garden, bursting with color and cottage elements. Over 100 feet of perennials, annuals, and containers.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 6176 North End Ave.

    Our second year on the tour is a transitional one, with a newly built patio as the catalyst for change in the back garden. Lots of perennials and native plants, as well as hanging baskets and potted annuals. A "Hello strip" is also new this year.

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 769 Coventry Road

    This front yard garden features a beautiful variety of annuals, perennials and ornamentals, making this a unique display of color combination with beautiful lighting for a mystical display.

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 892 Lasalle Ave.

    Shrubs, perennial and annual varieties, ground cover and architectural stonework span from the house to the sidewalk on a corner lot.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 986 Tremaine Ave.

    This yard features a large maple tree surrounded by perennials, vines, and colorful annuals! You will also see a cut-out garage bar and a great outdoor family hangout design!

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 10939 Delaware Road

    A huge garden bursting with annuals, perennials, vegetables, fruits and ponds. Featured in Garden Gate magazine!

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 1144 Princeton Blvd.

    Our garden is a quiet get-away featuring a pergola, fountains, solar lights, with many perennials and annuals.

    Saturday Night

  • 1267 Harding Ave.

    Visit this new garden with their front yard and side yard full of perennials and annuals. A relaxing area in the back features stepping stones, a fire pit and raised garden with veggies and a misting system - at night too!!

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 13636 Delaware Road

    The ever-changing and growing, peaceful, moveable space of perennial and annual favorites - land and rockscapes.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 14118 Enola Ave.

    This soothing summer retreat features a colorful mix of perennials, annuals, hanging baskets, a water feature and patios.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 15370 Delaware Road

    This small property has several hundred perennials with annuals and potted plants. The backyard is a shade garden with a small pond and waterfall.

    Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 16482 Delaware Road

    Enter through the "Garage Bar" and enjoy a well laid out backyard with color, decor, and some things that are new!!!

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 17363 Delaware Road

    Come visit this Oasis - beautiful gardens surround this home with an inground pool and illumination at night - don't miss it!!

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 18136 Southwood Drive

    Our Farm House décor gardens in the front, side and backyard feature a variety of perennials, annuals, and ornamental trees, roses, hydrangeas, Rose of Sharon and a butterfly bush - much to see!

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 19121 Argonne Drive

    Gaze from the patio - with potted plants - on to a yard with five year old perennials mixed with “odd” annuals started from seed. Interesting to see.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 20159 East Hazeltine Ave.

    Escape to this secret garden where whimsical iron art and sweet smells of roses and hydrangeas greet you. A small yard with a lot of great spaces to relax.

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday Night

  • 21166 Willowbreeze Road

    An extensive collection of unusual trees, shrubs and perennials displayed in large profuse hedges.


  • 22210 Nassau Ave.

    It’s a young perennial garden that’s having its first really beautiful year! Visit and enjoy!!

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 231658 Colvin Blvd.

    An established cottage garden of winding brick pathways featuring a pergola and fountain, obelisk and tree swing.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 24375 Knowlton Ave.

    Perennials along with annuals, porch planters, topiaries, water features and many solar lights.

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday Night

  • 2539 Charleston Ave.

    Front, side, and backyard filled with flowers and lots of containers with vegetables.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 26101 Colvinhurst Drive

    This large urban lot features a massive rain garden reflecting the waters of our local area. The vegetable "Victory Garden" shows the bounty of a home garden. Loaded with perennials and landscaping - a Must to see and enjoy this Garden!!

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 27120 Irving Terrace

    Our garden has raised cedar beds with native perennials and vegetables. In the backyard you will find a floating deck, surrounded by native plants, which create a welcoming haven for local birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects.

    Saturday Night

  • 28Town of Tonawanda Veterans Memorial

    Wander through this calm serene area and view the names of our honored and memorialized Veterans.

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 29515 Thorncliff Road

    A cottage garden with a mix of annuals, climbing vines and plenty of containers.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 302141 Colvin Blvd.

    Shady paths wandering through berms of perennials, featuring goldfish and koi ponds, many varieties of hostas and daylilies.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 3186 Harrison Ave.

    Gnome place like home! This weed witch's garden is full of magical delights. Fantasy friends, pretties and produce... Stop by for a spell.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 32491 Highland Ave.

    Our front and back gardens are loaded with a variety of perennials. There are pots of colorful annuals along with several water features. Illumination during the night tour is simply amazing! Please stop by!!

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Saturday Night

  • 33693 Starin Ave.

    An English garden featuring a fountain, arbors, boxwood, hydrangea, and mandevilla.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 34127 Fairbanks Ave.

    Visit the front, side and back gardens featuring several water features, with an arbor leading to a hidden garden surrounded with many perennial flowers.


  • 3592 Pilgrim Road

    Our front yard and hell-strip garden features sun-loving (mostly native) perennials and kitchen herbs. The cottage-like backyard has vegetable and flower gardens. Happy to be third year participants!

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 36346 Pilgrim Road

    A garden of rocks with a small pond, waterfall with many perennials and annuals and an unusual collection of fluorescent rocks from many states and Canada. Visit at night to see them light up!!

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 37325 Pilgrim Road

    This garden features a mix of perennial beds, brightly colored Talavera pottery overflowing with annuals and hidden cutting and vegetable gardens.

    Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 38831 Loretta St.

    Our custom garden features art and birdhouses, a backyard pond with waterfalls, with new plants and things to look at.

    Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 391614 Parker Blvd.

    Caren and Rick's happy place is our English style garden with a collection of varied perennials set in eclectic displays. Be on the lookout for Caren's trompe. L'oeil (many illusions) of flowers dotting the landscape.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 4024 Millwood Drive

    Beautiful backyard with 2 water features, 2 arbors, 2 bridges, courtyards, and more.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 4114 Claremont Ave.

    We have grapes and hops for making wine and beer. Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired raised beds and arbor, with a Koi pond nestled in a butterfly and bee friendly garden.

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 4282 Wendel Ave.

    GARDEN AROUND THE CORNER - small yard filled with ponds, waterfalls, streams, pathways, perennials, edibles, fairy gardens, garden art, a secret garden - come visit!!

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 43639 Harrison Ave.

    Beautiful pergola surrounded by multiple flower beds and a fishpond. Bird houses decorate a large tree and a patio to relax and enjoy.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 44634 Harrison Ave.

    Lovely backyard covered patio surrounded by a beautiful winding perennial garden. Special feature "She Shed" with chandelier! Must see especially at night time garden tour.

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Saturday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 45107 Calvin Ct. S

    This garden has a beautiful new face for 2023 with a mulch garden displaying annuals and perennials of all shapes and colors giving this garden a uniquely clean but yet colorful look.

    Friday Night ∙ Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 46363 University Ave.

    A peaceful backyard garden with annuals, perennials, raised garden, wall garden and a secret garden behind the garage - come visit this simple tranquility dedicated to the memory of our Mother, Sophie.

    Friday Night ∙ Sunday

  • 4716 Kettering Dr.

    Come visit our quiet and peaceful backyard. We have a butterfly garden with a relaxing pond with cascading waterfalls.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday

  • 48787 Harrison Ave.

    A beautiful mix of perennials, annuals, water fountains, art décor. We are hosting an art exhibit in our garden on Saturday 7/22 from 2pm-4pm.

    Saturday ∙ Sunday